4 unbelievable things in Hamburg

There is my first post on English. My co-worker and friend Grzegorz has a lot of complains, that he has to use google translate to read my posts and asked me to write a post on English. I promise, so I do. Grzegorz, it's just for you;)

So let's come back to the sunny (and not) Hamburg. I already told in Russian, that this city has an advantage - there are our friends Masya and Slon live. And I described already our walks together and some cool places in Hamburg which we saw. But today I want to describe things, that make us surprised in Hamburg.

1. Сanned sausage. I translate it in google translater. I don't know how it definitely will be on English. But on Russian it will be "консервированные сосиски". But anyway you will understand what I mean, when you will see the next photo.

walks in Hamburg

I've never seen this before. And it makeы me laugh a bit. I don't understand what for. Who knows?

2. Tents in the center of the city. I made this photo from the other bank of Alster lake, so I'm not sure, is there living someone or it's build for some other reasons. But it looks really strange tents in the center of the city.

walks in Hamburg

3. Myth about perfect roads in Germany. I heard a lot of times, that roads in Poland is good, but in Germany it's perfect. I trust. But... Here is what we saw in the center of the Hamburg.

walks in Hamburg

Of course it's much better, than we have in Ukraine. But as for me it's far from ideal.

4. The restaurant from the future. Probably for someone it will not be a news. But it was "wow" for me. You come to the table and waitress just bring you a card. Then you can push a bit and tablet is opened with the menu. You can choose by yourself what you really want. Then change you mind and remove it from the order. Then add something else. Everything you need to do afterwards, it's just lean your card to the screen. And order is made. In 2 minutes it will be on your table. And then you just simply go to cashier, give your card and pay money. Tip: it's called like I love hamburgers (restaurant I mean). I don't remember precisely.

walks in Hamburg


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